Why share utensils? Can't we just have our own?

The idea of XHANDU' came from a fundamental question about technology.  Why can't we all have our own simultaneous control?  Think about sitting at a dinner table with 8 guests.  What if you only had one set of utensils?  You would have to wait for each person to finish eating, clean the fork and knife (hopefully) then pass to the next and so on.  This is how current collaborative technologies have worked.  XHANDU' give you your own utensils.

Any app or desktop on any device.

We get it, everyone assumes this with new apps or software out today, but let's take a minute to really think about what is happening here.  Imagine your design or engineering team using different devices, but all having the real-time, independent and simultaneous control their used to, but working together on the same file and design platform.

Not another online meeting. Period.

We get asked if this is like those other online meeting softwares.  The answer is simple....no!  XHANDU' is an immersive and engaging virtual workspace in real-time.  No changing of control, or single user presentation.  Sure we can do that, but we want to create like we were made to; together.

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